Aguirre Arquitetura | About


Founded by Alexandre Aguirre in 2007, Aguirre Architecture is a benchmark in architecture in Uberlandia, Brazil. The firm develops various projects, mainly residential designs. Alexandre Aguirre has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism by the University Center of Triangulo (Centro Universitário do Triângulo – UNITRI, Uberlandia, Brazil) and a postgraduate degree in Metallic Structures by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña – UPC, Barcelona, Spain). Due to his experience abroad, he draws inspiration from several foreign architectural influences and solutions, which help define the firm’s main concept. Currently, our firm has a portfolio of over 200 projects and employs a team of qualified architects and interior designers.

Aguirre Architecture adopts a pure, minimalistic architectural style. The concept that “less is more” is seen in every project. Also, we use natural materials to design and create, which makes our projects timeless and helps establish our brand through generations yet to come.